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Version: 4.4

Release Summary

Release Notesโ€‹

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ReleaseRelease DateHighlights
Katonic 4.4January 2024
  • Ticket Management.
  • Audit Trail.
  • Group Management (RBAC).
  • Mappers
  • Redeployment or Edit of Generative AI Projects.
  • Google's Gemini Models.
Katonic 4.3November 2023
  • Admin based foundation model management.
  • Streaming support for chatbots.
  • Chatbot historical memory.
  • Start/Stop the services on demand.
  • Choice of embedding and completion models.
  • Vector store choice between FAISS and Milvus.
  • Standalone and Distributed Milvus.
  • Value integration to secure parameters.
  • Hosting custom LLMs.
  • Private installation on AWS and GCP.
  • Multimodal integration.
Katonic 4.2September 2023
  • Improved Katonic Search with enhanced search functionality.
  • Added detailed training logs for Chatbot and Katonic Search.
  • Updated Chatbot dataset for better conversational abilities.
  • Introduced new foundation models: AI21Labs, Aleph Alpha, Hugging Face, and Anyscale.
  • Enhanced "My Tickets" feature in the Katonic ticket system for improved support request management.
Katonic 4.1August 2023
  • New Chatbot Interface customization.
  • Chatbot Text Formatting structure.
  • Private and Public Deployment visibility.
  • New Tuning Studio.
  • New Foundation Model Management.
  • New Raise a ticket Implementation.
  • New User Management UI.
  • Updated Playground with new models and some bug fixes.
  • UI Bug fixes.
Katonic 4.0May 2023
  • New UI.
  • GPU Integration.
  • Improved Monitoring Dashboards.
  • Auto-Scaling Feature
  • Platform installation capability on GCP
  • Integration of Connectors.
  • Integration of opensource Visualization tool
  • Upgraded Kubernetes version
  • CPU/GPU benchmarking of Katonic pipeline on Kubernetes
Katonic 3.3.4January 2023
  • Resource monitoring.
  • Token Management.
  • Volume usage alerting.
Katonic 3.3.3November 2022
  • Accelerators Enhancements.
Katonic 3.3.2August 2022
  • User Management.
Katonic 3.3.1July 2022
  • Katonic-studio Enhancements.