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Mappers in Group Management are utilized to seamlessly integrate users in Azure Active Directory Groups directly with Katonic Groups. This makes it easier to assign roles to a large number of users without the need for manual assignments. Below is the process to guide you on creating a mapper that will automatically assign group permissions to all users in Azure Active Directory.

Before proceeding with the creation of mappers, please ensure that you have reviewed the requirements. Follow this link to check the mapper requirements.

To do this, navigate to the Admin section using the left-side navigation bar and then click Mappers.


From here, click on + Add New Mapper to create a new mapping.

From here, click on '+ Add New Mapper' to create a new mapping. A pop-up screen will appear for you to input some details.

  1. Enter a name for your mapping.
  2. Enter the Azure Active Directory Object ID. For more information, you can follow this link.
  3. Choose a group that you want to assign to the users in this Azure Directory.


Once you've filled in these details and clicked on Add, you will be able to see the mapping in the list.