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Step 1. Finding Pre-Built use case on Katonic Accelerators

Before starting with any usecase on data science or in a machine learning scenario. Let's have a look at Katonic's accelerators, if there is a similar pre-build usecase in accelerators you can reuse.

accelerators preview

The usecase that we're going to build is already on the Accelerators, so users can clone the repository and use it while following the documentation. For that, Go to Accelerators on the Katonic platform. There you can see most of the common usecases that are being used in the data science industry. Here you can go to the Popular and then find Movie Genre Prediction.

finding the use case in accelerators

Once you found the Movie Genre Prediction usecase click on it and go to Launch Notebook to find the entire repository for the application development, and click on Launch app to see the deployed application.

movie genre usecase

Note : You can use this application to do single prediction for any movie overview.