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Katonic 3.3.3 (November 2022)

This release provides bug fixes and enhancements.

Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Fixed license name for enterprise license type.
  • Fixed multiple resource creation on multiple clicks while creating any resources (i.e. workspace, model deployment, app deployment and users).
  • Blocked pages for unauthorised users. (In Example: a lite user won't be able to access any page apart from accelerators even if they they enter its url manually)
  • Updated images and priority classes.
  • Manual fix for priority class (Priority class must be created and used by Models and apps in previously created clusters.).


  • Added Updated Accelerators.

    • Bug Fixes for Accelerators.
      • Fixed and updated App links.
      • Fixed Accelerators Bugs.
      • Fixed Css Alignment & Responsive issues.
    • New Features for Accelerators.
      • Create base version of accelerators.
      • Added New Search bar option.
      • Added New Filter option (All, Paid, Free).
  • GPU workspaces enhanced.

  • Monitoring Dashboards enhanced.