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Katonic 4.4 (January 2024)

This release provides New features and enhancements.

New Features and Enhancements:โ€‹

Ticket Management : Introduced Ticket Management feature, streamlining the process of organizing and handling tickets within the system

Audit Trail : Integrated Audit Trail functionality, allowing comprehensive tracking and monitoring of system activities for improved transparency and accountability

Group Management : Introduced Group Management functionality, enabling streamlined organization and access control for shared resources such as Workspaces, Deployments, and Prompts.

Mappers : Implemented Mappers to seamlessly integrate with Azure Active Directory, providing access to all users without the need for manual user creation or role assignment.

Redeployment : Facilitated redeployment or editing options for GenAI projects, empowering users with increased flexibility and control over project configurations.

Google's Gemini Models : Incorporated Google's Gemini into foundation models, expanding the range and capabilities of the available foundational model options.