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Katonic 3.3.4 (Jan 2023)

This release provides bug fixes and enhancements.

Bug Fixes:โ€‹

  • The deployed model will only be updated with its different versions from the Katonic model registry.
  • Katonic Studio can handle custom resources that includes GPU resource allocation.
  • Support for Katonic Deployment panel is deprecated.


  • Added resource monitoring for workspace, app, and model deployment.
  • Custom Model Deployment (User can now deploy any model).
  • All the dropdowns inside the platform now comes with a search functionality.
  • Node application can be created using Workspace.
  • Volume usage alerts for admin based on the given threshold.
  • Token Management for every deployed model.
  • Kubernetes 1.24 support.
  • Workspace alignment.
  • Model deployment alignment.
  • Workspace IDE now has updated versions (Including various python versions).
  • Multiple NLP apps have been added in the accelerators.