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Katonic 4.1 (August 2023)

This release provides New features, new UI and enhancements.

New Features and Enhancements:โ€‹

  • Chatbot Interface Customization: Tailor the chatbot interface to match your brand's identity, creating a seamless user experience.
  • Chatbot Text Formatting Structure: Enjoy enhanced text formatting options for more engaging and structured conversations.
  • Private and Public Deployment Visibility: Easily manage deployment visibility settings for private or public access, ensuring your chatbot reaches the right audience.
  • New Tuning Studio: Fine-tune your chatbot's responses with our new Tuning Studio, empowering you to achieve higher accuracy.
  • New Foundation Model Management: Effortlessly manage your foundational models for improved performance and efficiency.
  • New "Raise a Ticket" Implementation: Experience a streamlined way to raise support tickets directly from the Katonic Help Center interface.
  • New User Management UI: Navigate our revamped user management interface with improved functionality and aesthetics.
  • Updated Playground with New Models and Bug Fixes: Explore the updated Playground, featuring new models and addressing various bug fixes.
  • UI Bug Fixes: We've addressed various user interface bugs to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience.