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Katonic 4.3 (November 2023)

This release provides New features, new UI and enhancements.

New Features and Enhancements:โ€‹

Foundation Model Configuration : Administrators configure the Foundation Model, while developers have restricted access for controlled consumption and efficient management.

Katonic Native Chatbot Streaming Support : Streaming support in chatbots enables real-time and incremental processing of messages during a conversation, diverging from the traditional request-response model.

Historical Tracking in Chatbots : Historical tracking in chatbots entails recording and retaining past interactions, decisions, or modifications, allowing the chatbot to recall and analyze context for a more coherent and personalized user experience.

Deployment Control for Developers : Developers now have the ability to initiate and halt deployments.

Custom Foundation Model Selection : Developers can choose a tailored model for building chatbots, offering flexibility to align with project requirements and enabling customization and optimization throughout the creation process.

Custom Embedding Selection : Developers can now choose embeddings during training, allowing selection of specific embeddings to suit their training needs, enhancing customization and performance. This leads to improved outcomes in natural language processing and understanding tasks.

Custom Parameter Tuning : Developers can customize parameter tuning by selecting properties such as chunk size and the number of chunks.

Vector Store Selection : Developers can choose between FAISS and Milvus for data size flexibility. The vector store now supports standalone and distributed Milvus versions, offering users flexibility based on specific needs.

Vault Integration for Parameter Security : Vault is activated in the backend to secure Katonic Native parameters, significantly enhancing security by preventing unauthorized access, even in situations with console access.

Custom LLM Hosting in Foundation Model : Developers can integrate custom LLMs hosted by Katonic into the foundation model, expanding language model hosting options and providing greater choices for building advanced chatbots.

Multimodal Integration : Multimodal Integration enhances chatbots by incorporating various communication modes like text and images, improving their ability to understand and respond across diverse content formats.

Katonic Installer Private Installation Support : Katonic installer now seamlessly supports private installations for AWS and GCP out of the box, simplifying the setup process and offering users greater convenience and flexibility.